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From phenomenology to thought, errancy, and desire

Essays in honor of William J. Richardson, S.J.

edited byBabette Babich


For both continental and analytic styles of philosophy, the thought of Martin Heidegger must be counted as one of the most important influences in contemporary philosophy. In this book, essays by internationally noted scholars, ranging from David B. Allison to Slavoj Zizek, honour the interpretive contributions of William J. Richardson's pathbreaking Heidegger: Through Phenomenology to Thought. The essays move from traditional phenomenology to the idea of essential (another) thinking, the questions of translation and existential expressions of the turn of Heidegger's thought, the intersection of politics and language, the philosophic significance of Jacques Lacan, and several essays on science and technology. All show the influence of Richardson's first study. A valuable emphasis appears in Richardson's interpretation of Heidegger's conception of die Irre, interpreted as Errancy, set in its current locus in a discussion of Heidegger's debacle with the political in his involvement with National Socialism.

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Raising Atlantis

the later Heidegger and contemporary philosophy

David Kolb

Dark hearts

Heidegger, Richardson, and evil

John D Caputo

"I will tell you who you are"

Heidegger on Greco-german destiny and Amerikanismus

Robert Bernasconi

On empty and full speech

intelligibility and change in the public world

James Bohman

Lacan and Heidegger

the ethics of desire and the ethics of authenticity

Richard Capobianco

"Now you see it …"

the dynamics of presence and absence in psychoanalysis

Richard Boothby


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Publisher: Springer

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Year: 1995

Pages: 640, xv

Series: Phaenomenologica

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DOI: 10.1007/978-94-017-1624-6

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ISBN (digital): 978-94-017-1624-6

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Babich Babette (1995) From phenomenology to thought, errancy, and desire: Essays in honor of William J. Richardson, S.J.. Dordrecht, Springer.