Phenomenological Reviews



Iulian Apostolescu, Anthony Steinbock


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2297-7627 (online)


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Phenomenological Reviews is dedicated to the publication of book reviews related to phenomenology and the phenomenological movement (both understood very broadly as extending to disciplines across the humanities and beyond). It also provides an ongoing and exhaustive overview of recent literature (journals & books). Starting in 2019, it will provide data-driven bibliometrical analyses of publications in phenomenology

Phenomenological Reviews aims to promote phenomenology, a philosophical method and school of philosophy founded by Edmund Husserl. Phenomenological Reviews aims to foster interest and support research in the field of phenomenological philosophy, and to provide a network for those interested in and/or working in this field. We welcome a broad spectrum of qualitative and interpretive book reviews by scholars from all over the world. We aim to develop productive links with other phenomenological organisations and associations that share similar goals and views.


Reviews will be published here in digital form almost immediately upon acceptance (after the necessary proofreading and editing) . All texts will be available in open access without embargoes and be given a DOI for citation purposes. They will also be archived for long-term preservation and reference in the database of the Open Commons of Phenomenology.

Further, all reviews will be collected at regular intervals (starting on a twice-yearly basis) and published in print form by sdvig press.

You are welcome to submit book reviews for inclusion in the journal. Please follow our submission guidelines. Note that in order to concentrate in our primary mission, we do not accept general papers.