Phenomenological Reviews



Phenomenology for the twenty-first century

edited byJ Aaron Simmons(Philosophy Department, Furman University)J. Edward Hackett


This volume illustrates the relevance of phenomenology to a range of contemporary concerns. Displaying both the epistemological rigor of classical phenomenology and the empirical analysis of more recent versions, its chapters discuss a wide range of issues from justice and value to embodiment and affectivity. The authors draw on analytic, continental, and pragmatic resources to demonstrate how phenomenology is an important resource for questions of personal existence and social life. The book concludes by considering how the future of phenomenology relates to contemporary philosophy and related academic fields.

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To the people themselves

the value of phenomenology for global ethics

Stephen Minister

The problem of the other and the ethics of resistance

confronting the ethical deadlock of phenomenology with Jacques lacan

Drew M. Dalton

Meaning, being, and time

the phenomenological significance of Dooyeweerd's thought

Neal DeRoo(King's University)

Phenomenological distinctions

two types of envy and their difference from covetousness

Michael R. KellyMichael Kelly


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Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

Place: New York

Year: 2016

Pages: 386, xix

DOI: 10.1057/978-1-137-55039-2

ISBN (hardback): 978-1-137-55038-5

ISBN (digital): 978-1-137-55039-2

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Simmons J Aaron, Hackett James Edward (2016) Phenomenology for the twenty-first century. New York, Palgrave Macmillan.