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Husserl and Bourbaki on mathematics

similarities, possible influence and some dissimilarities

Guillermo Rosado Haddock

pp. 618-639


Husserl’s mature philosophy of mathematics has, on the logic side the influence of Leibniz, Bolzano, Lotze and Hume, and on the mathematics side the influence of Leibniz and Riemann. What is not clear are the influences Husserl’s views exerted on those of later researchers. There is, however a remarkable similarity between Husserl’s conception of mathematics as a theory of structures and the views of the school of Bourbaki. Was there some direct or indirect influence of Husserl on the Bourbakians?

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Published in:

Apostolescu Iulian (2019) After Husserl. Meta 11 (2).

Pages: 618-639

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Rosado Haddock Guillermo (2019) „Husserl and Bourbaki on mathematics: similarities, possible influence and some dissimilarities“. Meta 11 (2), 618–639.