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Finding a way into genetic phenomenology

Matt Bower

pp. 185-200


The relation of genetic phenomenology and the project of phenomenological reduction is the primary concern of this paper. Despite Husserl's occasional loose references to "the" reduction, performing the reduction actually refers to numerous interrelated techniques. I want here to delve into these intricacies with the aim of determining the place of genetic phenomenology within the whole of phenomenological technique. It will be necessary to both state in general terms what the aim of the reduction is and what the different "ways' to the reduction are before highlighting their inadequacy for dealing with genetic matters, which then brings us face to face with the underexplored possibility that there might be a peculiar novel from of reduction or transformation of the reduction that is needed to deal with genesis on properly transcendental ground. Following this line of thought, I attempt to elaborate a way into genetic phenomenology, which, I suggest, begins to appear most clearly in Husserl's later reflections on "abnormal" forms of consciousness.

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Published in:

Apostolescu Iulian (2020) The subject(s) of phenomenology: rereading Husserl. Dordrecht, Springer.

Pages: 185-200

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-29357-4_10

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Bower Matt (2020) „Finding a way into genetic phenomenology“, In: I. Apostolescu (ed.), The subject(s) of phenomenology, Dordrecht, Springer, 185–200.