Phenomenological Reviews

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The affective turn of phenomenology

Volume 2020

edited byÁngel Xolocotzi YáñezJean Orejarena


This issue of Tópicos del Seminario aspires to demonstrate the vitality of the topic of affectivity in the field of phenomenological research. From the abundant unpublished works of phenomenologists such as E. Husserl, M. Heidegger, A. Pfänder, M. Geiger, M. Scheler, L. Langrebe, etc. – most of the writing since the beginning of the last century – the contemporary work of phenomenology has focused on their efforts in rebuilding this productive facet of research. The connection of phenomenological reflection on effect with such different but closely related topics, such as natural attitude, lifeworld (Lebenswelt), historicity, empathy, passivity, etc., has been an area of research that has more than shown the fertility of the meticulous work of the description of affective experiences.

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Journal: Tópicos del Seminario

Volume: 2020

Year: 2020

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Xolocotzi Yáñez Ángel, Orejarena Jean (2020) The affective turn of phenomenology. Tópicos del Seminario 2020.