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Time in "negative platonism'

Pavel Kouba(Charles University)

pp. 79-88


In his polemic against contemporary philosophies of time, Jan Patočka tries, within the framework of his project of "Negative Platonism', to sketch out a conception of temporality as a stance at the edge of an already completed past and a transcendent, "wholly other' future. The offered contribution seeks, firstly, to show the problematic character of this conception on the grounds that this stance, and thus also time itself, is exclusive to humankind; all other Being, animate as well as inanimate, being in time only in a mediated manner. Secondly, it seeks to point out an alternative view, assumed partly by Patočka himself in his explication of space. Finally, it indicates the more general problem arising out of philosophy's separation of the future from the past, of time from space and of the thing from the world.

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Published in:

Učník L'ubica, Chvatík Ivan, Williams Anita (2015) The phenomenological critique of mathematisation and the question of responsibility: Formalisation and the life-world. Dordrecht, Springer.

Pages: 79-88

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-09828-9_6

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Kouba Pavel (2015) „Time in "negative platonism'“, In: L. Učník, I. Chvatík & A. Williams (eds.), The phenomenological critique of mathematisation and the question of responsibility, Dordrecht, Springer, 79–88.