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Hobbes and Husserl

Robert Sokolowski

pp. 51-62


Although Husserl never engaged with Hobbes' thinking, this essay explores the intriguing contrasts and differences between Husserl's and Hobbes' accounts of perception, imagination, judgment, knowledge, and metaphysics. Even if Husserl never developed a political philosophy, Husserl's metaphysics of knowledge can be put into service of a more classical conception of citizenship in contrast to Hobbes' view of the Leviathan.

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Published in:

Bloechl Jeffrey, de Warren Nicolas (2015) Phenomenology in a new key: Essays in honor of Richard Cobb-Stevens. Dordrecht, Springer.

Pages: 51-62

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-02018-1_4

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Sokolowski Robert (2015) „Hobbes and Husserl“, In: J. Bloechl & N. De Warren (eds.), Phenomenology in a new key, Dordrecht, Springer, 51–62.