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Husserl's ethics and practical intentionality

Susi Ferrarello


Ferrarello's book is a very concrete and very compelling study of Husserl's thought on ethics across his corpus. Indeed, Ferrarello shows how Husserl's earlier descriptions of such things as the logic of wholes and parts and transcendental intersubjectivity continue to be compelling both on their own terms and as resonating with later Continental thinkers' use of the ethical themes of situation and embodiment. Peter R. Costello, Professor of Philosophy, Providence College, USA This book reveals a new Husserl, one attentive to feelings and the emotional life. Ferrarello presents an ethics of actions grounded in embodied, practical intentionality. This elegant, clear book is highly recommended for any reader, phenomenologists and non-phenomenologists alike, interested in ethical philosophy and intentionality.

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Publication details

Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic

Place: London

Year: 2016

Pages: 269, viii

Series: Studies in Continental Philosophy

ISBN (hardback): 9781472573735

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Ferrarello Susi (2016) Husserl's ethics and practical intentionality. London, Bloomsbury Academic.